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How do I return my items?

We send you pre-paid shipping label and a new bag or box to return your items in. Simply package your items, slap on the label, and drop it off at a UPS or UPS dropbox. If you want to keep the item simply click keep on our follow up email and we will charge you the difference. 

Can I rent an item for sale or buy an item for rent?

Yes! If you want to rent an item for sale just contact us and we can help you rent it. If you want to purchase a rental item and skip renting all together contact us and we'll set up the order for you.  

What if I damage an item I've rented?

Insurance can be purchased to cover everyday wear and tear. (Missing sequins, makeup stains, minor rips, etc.) If the item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear and/or you didn't purchase insurance you will be charged the cost to repair or the cost to replace the item. For more information see Section 1 in our Terms of Service. 

What if my item(s) doesn't fit?

Make sure to check out our product descriptions and sizing or chat with a team member to narrow down a good fit. However, If your item doesn't work, contact us immediately and we will do our best to accommodate you! 

My Item didn't arrive when it was supposed to, what do I do? 

We all know items can go missing in the mail once in awhile. Although we hope this doesn't happen please contact us if your item hasn't arrived by the end of the day it's supposed to be there. Or if the tracking isn't updating like it's supposed to. We will do our very best to get you something else in time!

My Item arrived damaged, what do I do?

Eeek! We try to avoid this happening at all costs, but accidents happen. If your item arrives damaged please contact us within 24hours of it's arrival. We will do out best to get you a replacement ASAP!

Do I need to meet my Postmates in person to receive my order?

Yes! Just like ordering food, you need to meet the courier to receive the package. Your order will arrive within a couple of hours so if it's early and you'll be at the office all day, send it there. 

Do my items need to be back to you on the return date or just dropped off at UPS on that day? 

Your items needs to be dropped off at UPS on or before your return date. We will receive a notification from UPS once it has arrived to them. We will send you your return date information with your items and a reminder email! 


Where can I get help narrowing down a size?

Every product contains a description letting you know if it runs true to size, what size the model is wearing, and in some cases the actual garment measurements. You can also live chat with us during business hours or email us anytime and we can help you find the right size.


Will I need to steam/press my item?

We do our best to ensure all of our items are shipped out wrinkle free. However, some fabrics do wrinkle easier than others. If your item does arrive with a few wrinkles please look at the garment tag for the best recommendation, steam on low, or contact us for advice. 


Can I purchase an item that I'm currently renting?

Yes! If you'd like to keep it simply don't return it and we will charge the card you purchased with for the difference. The amount you paid to rent the item will go towards the total cost. 


How is the clothing cleaned?

We professionally dry clean, press and steam, inspect all of our clothing, and package with care before shipping to you. 


I'm going on vacation and need my item(s) longer. 

Not a problem! Send us an email and we will be happy to create a custom price and package for your vacation. Feel free to Contact Us!


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time we only ship within the U.S. but we will hopefully be expanding internationally soon, so make sure to check back!


You're sold out of the item I want or don't have my size, any chance of getting more?

Possibly! Email us right away with the item you want, the size, and the date you need it. Some of our brands have a quick turn around so we may be able to get it for you in time. 


If we didn't answer your question here please feel free to Contact Us! 

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