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How do I return my items?

We send you pre-paid shipping label with your box. Simply package your items back in the box, slap on the label, and drop it off at a UPS or UPS dropbox. If you want to keep the item simply login to your account and click Keep and you'll be charged the difference.

When do I choose my items for the next month?

Depending on your plan you will have access to choose your next items a week before your ship date or three days before your ship date. We will send you an email and a text reminder (if you want) to let you know it's time to start picking! 

I forgot to choose my items for this month, what do I do?!

We will send you a reminder email before it's time to choose your items and another if you've forgotten. If your delivery date arrives and you still haven't made your decisions, we will choose pieces for you based off your profile and send them your way! 


When is my Credit Card going to be billed?

You will be billed on the same day every month. When you sign up you can decide to start your month right away or wait until the first of the following month. Whichever you decide your card will be charged on that day.  

What if I damage an item I've rented?

Insurance can be purchased to cover everyday wear and tear. (Missing sequins, makeup stains, minor rips, etc.) If the item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear and/or you didn't purchase insurance you will be charged the cost to repair or replace the item. For more information see Section 1 in our Terms of Service. 

What if my item(s) doesn't fit?

Make sure to check out our product descriptions and sizing or chat with a team member to narrow down a good fit. However, If your item doesn't work, contact us immediately and we will do our best to accommodate you! 


How do I change my credit card or delivery information?

Simply login to your account and click membership details. This will allow you to update your cc, change your shipping address, change your arrival date, and so much more!


My Item arrived damaged, what do I do?

Eeek! We try to avoid this happening at all costs, but accidents happen. If your item arrives damaged please contact us within 24hours of it's arrival. We will do out best to get you a replacement ASAP!


Does my box need to be back to you on the return date or just dropped off at UPS on that day? 

Your box needs to be dropped off at UPS on or before your return date. We will receive a notification from UPS once it has arrived to them. Your return date is four days after your item(s) arrival. 


Where can I get help narrowing down a size?

Every product contains a description letting you know if it runs true to size, what size the model is wearing, and in some cases the actual garment measurements. You can also live chat with us during business hours or email us anytime and we can help you find the right size.


I have terrible fashion sense, can someone just pick my items for me?

Absolutely! We love working with our customers to help them find the right outfit to feel confident and beautiful every month. Login to your account and check that you'd like us to style your box for you. Answer a few simple questions and sit back and relax!


Will I need to steam/press my item?

We do our best to ensure all of our items are shipped out wrinkle free. However, some fabrics do wrinkle easier than others. If your item does arrive with a few wrinkles please look at the garment tag for the best recommendation, steam on low, or contact us for advice. 


Can I purchase an item that I'm currently renting?

Yes! If you'd like to keep it simply login in to your profile and click keep or once we see it has not been returned with your box we will charge your account. 


How is the clothing cleaned?

We professionally dry clean, press and steam, inspect all of our clothing, and package with care before shipping to you. 


I'm going on vacation and need my item(s) longer. 

Not a problem! Send us an email and we will be happy to create a custom price and package for your vacation. Feel free to Contact Us!


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time we only ship within the U.S. but we will hopefully be expanding internationally soon, so make sure to check back!


You're sold out of the item I want, any chance of getting more?

Possibly! Email us right away with the item you want, the size, and the date you need it. Some of our brands have a quick turn around so we may be able to get it for you in time. 



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